Redfin Redesign

UI/UX Design
Mobile App
Real Estate
Project Overview
This redesign project aims to optimize the real estate trading experience by simplifying the search experience, enabling users to find their dream homes and connect with compatible agents more easily.


UX Designer, 

Project Type
Team Project

Team Structure
UX Designer, Engineer,
Product Manager

Figma, Protopie, Apple Human Interface Guidelines

Why Redfin?

The inspiration is from my real estate content creater experience

01 Inspiration

While working for a real estate agency company, I encountered Redfin, an app known for its extensive range of property listings. Despite its comprehensive resources, I found its user interface to be redundant and there is a prevalent issue of trust among users regarding the agents listed on the platform. So I would like to take the design challange to improve its user experience.

02 Redfin Business Model

Comparing Redfin to traditional brokerage platforms reveals that its win-win business model benefits sellers, buyers, and realtors alike.

03 Business Opportunity

What do customers think of Redfin?

Several user research methods were used, from user observation to dirt research and surveys

01 Observation

First impression on Redfin

At first I noticed how people around me search for homes and found that they use Redfin only for its extensive listing resources.

02 Survey

Satisfaction research

We conducted a survey to understand users' satisfaction about real estate apps and Redfin. Over 100 participants took it on Usability Testing.

03 Dirt Research

App Store reviews show us how Redfin users struggle with the app.

04 Survey

What should a better real estate app be like?

A survey is created to understand the experiences and preferences of how users find homes.

Key findings

Who are the current and future users of Redfin mobile app?

From primary to potential customers, Redfin users can be divided into 3 groups based on their real estate investing experience.


According to Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, Despite Gen X and Young Boomers leading the real estate market, a shift is underway with Gen Z and Millennials gaining influence, the latter group showing a marked preference for conducting real estate transactions via mobile devices while in-person agents are still needed.


We created three personas by identifying distinct user needs and behaviors within the real estate market, focusing on a sophisticated investor, a first time homebuyer, and a home browser, each with unique goals and platform interactions based on there experience.

How do we optimize its user flow to benefit most users?

There are solutions for all the searching experience, browsing experience and deciding experiences.

04 How to find information that I need on Redfin?

Current User Flow

Searching, browsing, deciding are all very complicating and tedious, user have to set many values while searching, and keep scrolling up and down to browse the property information until they find what they're looking for, choosing agent page is really hard to reach.


Many strategies exist to enhance the search and browsing experience, with the integration of an AI assistant being particularly impactful. Given the existing Redfin plugin in ChatGPT, incorporating ChatGPT directly into Redfin could transform it into an even more powerful tool for home searching.

As for real estate agent contact flow, it's a balance between personal engagement and transactional efficiency, think of dating and online shopping experience.

Refined User Flow

Now, regardless of different goals, a prompt-based search engine guides users, with suggested text prompts directing users efficiently to the options that best suit their needs.

The New Redfin App

Several user research methods were used, from user observation to dirt research and surveys

Lo-fi Wireframes

Hi-fi Screenshots

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