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2022 Spring
MFA Thesis Research
AR/VR Prototyping, 3D Animation, Field Research

A series of experiments that delve into the enchanting realm of urban animals using technologies including AR/VR, diverse cameras, Machine Learning, and innovative tools, unveiling their secret lives and crafting immersive experiences to cultivate a profound bond with nature and a renewed understanding of our role in it.

Three-Phased Journey

Phase 1. How to Use Technology to Get Closer ( but not too close) to Animals

Drawn to the animal world, I've honed my skills through quirky methods. I've dabbled in everything from cat chit-chats on Zoom and mimicking feline vision to feeding squirrels with a faux hand and capturing wildlife in VR.

Desk Research

In order to understand and communicate with animals, I researched the physiological structures of cats and dogs such as the prosodic cues of canines. And also from a human-animal interaction perspective, I noticed there are various devices helping people to interpret animals' language and facilitate communication.

Experiment 1. AR Filter for Experiencing Cat's Vision

Cats see the color blue better than other colors.
Cats are nearsighted.

Experiment 2. AR Filter for Remote Cat Entertainment

Cats see the color blue better than other colors.
Cats are attracted to fast movement.

Phase2. Digital Wunderkammer

The Squirrel Elysium Digital Wunderkammer is a captivating fusion of technology and nature, immersing visitors in the enigmatic world of squirrels and inviting them to explore the intricate connections between humans and our furry friends through a series of innovative, interactive experiences.

Phase3. Hypermedia Exploration

A playful, imaginative mockumentary that combines live footage and animation to explore the captivating lives of squirrels, highlighting their quirks and inspiring curiosity about the natural world.