Remote Caregiver

Speculative Video

This is the post-work future of caregivers. Caregiving and care are really that work we do that maintains and increases other people's freedom of which the paradigm would be played. Nurses work as almost merely emotional labor, which means they release from hard muscular labor and compress work time, as well as protect from the spread of viruses. They give remote care to the patients - They take over a teddy bear when a baby's crying, show their smile tenderly at the dentist's, for those who lose control of the body and can't express themselves well.

How will we work tomorrow? Where will we work tomorrow? What will we work on tomorrow? What will “work” be, tomorrow? Will we work tomorrow? (...and who is "we"?)


What if the workload of a nurse  is extremely compressed? What if they don’t have to show up in-person but rather hide in a screen? What will be the future of nursing and technology?


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