Jibber Jabber

My Contribution:

Runway ML Image Training

Discript Audio Training

Media Design Practices(MDP) is located at the Wind Tunnel in Pasadena. This building was commissioned by Consolidated Vultee, Douglas, Lockheed and North American, who formed the Southern California Cooperative Wind Tunnel and managed by Caltech. Throughout its history, it has had multiple roles and uses. MDP arrived in the year 2009–after ACCD bought the space in 2004–and will move out soon when the Transport Design Program will take the space. Jibber Jabber is an MDP ghost that roams and introduces the space to the incoming Transport Design students. We trained different models with the data sets in order to build the piece.

Jibber was created from a series of data sets we recorded in and around the Wind Tunnel These data sets include portraits (individual portraits of us) images (of the Wind Tunnel and its surroundings) text (historical documentation of the wind tunnel as well as documentation of ArtCenter) audio (recordings of our voices reading some of the text data set).


The training process of background images consists photos of MDP interior, using a bedroom preset and took 2000 steps.


The training process of the face includes three team members dataset, using a face preset and took 3000 steps

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