How to Use Technology to Get Closer(but not too close)to Animals

Comedy Documentary

How did I use a series of tools to approach animals both physically and digitally - I called my friends’ cats at Zoom; I attempted to get a cat’s vision in order to understand them better, I enriched my vulnerable hand with a mannequin to feed squirrels; I placed motion capture cameras and food on the ground to shoot animals frames with no distance and transferred these video clips to fit in a cardboard VR device. Through these experiments, did I really get closer to animals? It was the artificial objects that touched animals but not me. Do I really love animals or do I just want them to love me? How might technology be used to effectively mediate interspecies interactions?

In order to understand and communicate with animals, I researched the physiological structures of cats and dogs such as the prosodic cues of canines. And also from a human-animal interaction perspective, I noticed there are various devices helping people to interpret animals' language and facilitate communication.


Starting from the visual cognition of cats, here are some plans to entertain them.


Experiments: understanding cat's perception by AR, approaching squirrels with a fake hand, observing squirrels closer and closer

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