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Ford Blue Pal is a virtual AI assistant based on Ford Evos 27 inches screen UI system, this redesign project was exhibited on Ford Tech Day as a future concept display. The screen connects the driver and co-pilot to create a more intimate and intelligent driving experience.

2021 Fall Ford Internship Project
Categories: Automotive UIUX
Tools: Blender, Figma, Adobe Premier
Team Members:
Kydd Yang (UI Designer),
Haichen Wu (UX Mentor)

Role: 3D Motion Designer

What Is A Near-Future Automotive Interface for Gen Z?

With its 27-inch screen, the Ford Evos redefines how we interact with in-cockpit displays. By linking the main and passenger screens, it enhances the driving experience to be more intimate and intelligent.

An Innovative UI System

The interface makes extensive use of the official brand color, Ford Blue, to highlight the brand culture. In order to enhance the attributes of the jigsaw puzzle and the visual effect of the interface, it is paired with warmer tones, which are more youthful and in line with the preferences of Gen Z.

With a concept of playful “Jigsaw puzzle”, the entire interface is more lively; at the same time, with reference to Microsoft's Fluent Design five design elements, the "acrylic" texture is selected, and strive to achieve 3d visual effect in the 2d screen.

blur and translucent

Voice Assistant Visualization

Hexagon Proposals

derived from Ford Evos front grille

Final Proposal

based on adjusted properties

idle - active

waking up